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We are an African online market with African handmade products made by the magical hands of the African Men, Women and Children. This Market consists of African artists emanating from the rich diversity of African Kingdoms with varying wisdom of art obtained through apprenticeship from generation to generation.


We offer a large collection of high quality African handmade products from beaded leather sandals to handbags, jewellery, garments and other forms of African art. These products are made by African Men and Women who dedicate their time to craft the products and spend this time passing the knowledge and skill to their children. Through this dedication, they have been able to improve their livelihoods and that of their families.


We offer high quality, durable and beautiful African handmade products, preserving the authenticity of the original African art as created by our forefathers. To get these products to your Shop or Home click on our shop, view the products and make an order.


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